Customer Experiences

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What's the Big Idea?

Driven by our passion to share information, SANology's founders pursued the Big Idea to connect, enable, and grow the world's information flows. However, we quickly learned it's not one Big Idea. Instead, it's lots of small ideas stitched together by everybody!
Our teams of Data Engineers and Project Managers have extensive experience designing and integrating private and public cloud storage solutions in the Financial, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunication industries. These diverse insights, as well as SANology's focus on our core capabilities and opportunities at the edges, has situated us at the intersections of the customer experience with fresh ideas to new problems.

SANology's Project Teams have the business acumen and technical agility to develop your stories and business objectives into the technical requirements of a Data Infrastructure that will unleash the performance of your critical workflows and product releases, while enabling Global IT Support Teams to take on a shared sense of responsibility for the underpinning activities driving the cost of innovation.